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With ten years of experience in PPG tutoring and alternative provision planning, we are the agency that has a results driven and cost effective solution for your students.

What our parents say

  • Alex was friendly and my son found her very easy to get in with. She was very knowledgeable and was flexible when we needed to change lessons. She definitely helped to improve my son’s confidence with Maths and I would absolutely recommend her as a tutor.

  • Charlie thought Callum was an excellent tutor. He has really helped and supported him with his maths. Charlie’s understanding was greatly enhanced, many thanks!

  • Christine is really lovely. She has an in-depth knowledge of Chemistry. She is patient and kind. We have found her to be very flexible when it comes to swapping dates/venue for tutoring. She has a calm and measured approach to tutoring which is exactly what is needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christine to other families.

  • Excellent! Courteous, good communication, flexible and a very good teacher. My son benefitted greatly from Christine’s A-Level Chemistry tuition. Many thanks.

  • Rob is very thorough, patient and always prepared. My son has said Rob was always happy to answer any questions in detail and was able to cover the difficult parts of the syllabus for Chemistry and Physics. We are very grateful to Rob who is a great tutor and we would not hesitate in recommending him for top grades.

  • Callum has been very supportive and helpful. Jonathan feels that he is much better prepared for his GCSE exams after his lessons.


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